Alaria Ritchie

Somatic Educator


If connecting deeper to yourself and your body is a priority for you, I can help.

Hi my name is Alaria Ritchie, Somatic Educator; what this means is I help clients to learn about their bodies; from sensory awareness and anatomy to incorporating holistic movement practices into your daily life.  Specifically, Pilates, Yoga and Hanna Somatic Education. 


Using whole body movements and learning to voluntarily control your muscle functions through awareness and motor-sensory reprogramming.

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“In only a month, Alaria has already helped me regain some long-lost mobility in my spine.  Her deep and comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and the mind/body connection, along with her experience with a wide range of clients, allows her to accurately assess her clients’ abilities and tailor exercises specifically for their issues.  Moreover, she teaches how to be aware of your own body and how to recognize when it is in optimum alignment.  The result for me has been increased strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing.”

Jane G. Sept, 2016

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