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Somatics is changing me

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For the past year I have been working on learning all that I can about Somatics, movement, physical therapies, psychology, and trauma recovery. I had a desire to be able to offer a therapeutic modality into the work that I do, and therefore dove in head first to gain an understanding of what our bodies and minds go through when trauma occurs. Mental or physical, it can leave long lasting impressions upon us. We all hurt, we all carry the weight of our hurts and sometimes, when it gets too heavy, we need to put it down.

What I did not realize when I started this journey was just how deep I would go into my own body, into my psyche, and surprisingly into my views on the world. It does feel a bit like epiphany after epiphany into understanding how I work, how my body functions and how I CAN CHANGE it consciously, voluntarily and with tangible, lasting results.

I am studying Hanna Somatic Education which was originated by Thomas Hanna a philosopher, humanistic psychologist and visionary. I could not have imagined just how wild a thinker he was. His ideas excite and provoke me, like nothing ever has. It just keeps clicking. Which tells me, I'm going in the right direction, for me.

If you are interested in reading some of Hanna's work I highly recommend: Somatics, Reawakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health and Body of Life.

Freedom of movement is what I aim to offer my clients, but as I explained to a client today; with a grand release comes a whole new perspective. A relief of pain or any long held tension in the body feels like a miracle when it is lifted. It physically changes your body and literally your mind also as you forge new pathways into healing.

Reminds me of the song by EnVogue, "Free your mind and the rest will follow".

I have found that I am changing, how I view the world and people, as well as myself. All the years I spent working on myself, introspectively and physically have never touched the depth and expansion I now know. My brain is changing, clearly I am much smarter now! ;) No really I actually think differently. These thought changes continue to change me, my actions, my ability to be compassionate, creative and kind, and its really very exciting. As I introduce Somatics to my clients, I wait to hear what their experiences are and am continually inspired with the results.

As I passively encourage people to try Somatics, I never push or try and convince others of what they might need, but offer them an opportunity to come and sense, feel, and discover this world which is beyond description. I am forever changed and ever so grateful to be continuing this journey with my cohorts, students, clients, friends and family.

For more information on private Clinical Somatic Education sessions with me, please contact me.

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